100th Day of School

About a week ago we, celebrated the 100th day of school. On the 101st day I ran into a third grade colleague who described a surprise he did for his students.

He had head shots of his students for their author info (a little identification he hangs in the hall next to their writings). He ran each of the photos through an app called Aging Booth which aged them about 100 years. Here’s an example, it is the third grade teacher:

As the students arrived that morning, they found their photo printed out on paper with lines on the back so they could write what their life would be like when they turn 100.

Upon hearing this activity I had an idea, what if… (doesn’t all the fun ideas start with “what if,” but I digress) what if we take their photo in front of a green screen (I’m on a small kick with green screening), make it appear as they are in a futuristic city, and then record them in YAKiT Kids talking about what life will be like. We tried it out with a couple of students and it was hysterical, the students would change the pitch of the recording to sound older. I then, with consent of the classroom teacher, submitted this idea to an eBook from #ettiPad. Hopefully it will be accepted and published. Here is a video of the pages with student examples:

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