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TinSA few years ago, as a classroom teacher, I started a blog called TODAY IN SCHOOL… with the intention of using the site to chronicle daily adventures with my students, ultimately painting a picture with each entry of what it was like to be a student in school today. The idea and the intentions were good, but with so many other things on my plate at the time (including another blog that I kept to communicate directly with my students), I couldn’t dedicate the time I needed to this new project.

As with most new ideas, this one needed to be tweaked, and I needed to pivot my thought process a little in order to make it work. Though I really liked the idea of a TODAY IN SCHOOL… blog project, I needed some time to figure out a different approach. As time passed, I changed teaching assignments and, now, I have left the classroom to work as an instructional coach. During all of this time, I kept thinking about this project, thinking about a compelling way to capture and chronicle what is happening in school today.

I’ve always enjoyed collecting things — whether it be artifacts or ideas — and arranging and curating them in new and interesting ways, creating something entirely new from the individual original components. So the idea came to me, why not use TODAY IN SCHOOL… as a way to collect not only one classroom’s experiences, but many? Why not create a project where we can share out what is happening in school, today, all over the world?

Sharing stories and ideas with fellow educators is a big part of what keeps us connected to one another and motivates us to grow. As we make connections and explore new perspectives, we develop a better understanding of what we do in our own teaching practice, how we are doing it, why it is important, and what — if anything — we might want or need to change. So, the focus of TODAY IN SCHOOL…, right now, is to give educators the opportunity to share their own stories and capture what they are doing in school today.

Through this blog project, I hope that we will gain a sense of “the day in the life of” various educators, current projects and proposals, and maybe some triumphant stories of success and empowerment. There may be a few frustrations here and there and perhaps some hurdles that need to be overcome. All of our different experiences — combined — will give us an even better understanding of what is happening TODAY IN SCHOOL…

To read some of the contributions already on the site, take a look at our Google Map.

To contribute or get involved with the project, please visit this webpage.


About the Author

MelissaMelissa Morris Inoa is a Technology Integration Specialist. She works with classroom teachers to integrate technology into instruction in meaningful and relevant ways. Currently, Melissa is studying the ideas of creativity and innovation and how the habits and practices of creative and innovative people in many fields can be translated to the field of education.  
Melissa is also a former special education and language arts teacher, teaching since 2006. She has a BA in English from Rutgers University and a MA in Inclusive Education from Georgian Court University.  She is highly qualified in English, Science, Math, and Social Studies.  She holds a Supervisor certificate as well as certificates of instruction in Elementary Education, Teacher of Students with Disabilities, and Literacy/Language Arts.  In addition to teaching children, Melissa has dedicated much of her career to the professional development of her peers and colleagues as well.
You can connect with Melissa on Pinterest and Twitter @mmorriswrite or through her blogs and

Disclaimer: Melissa & I are colleagues; I was featured as a guest on TODAY IN SCHOOL… 


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