“Badges? We DO need stinkin’ badges!”

I read a post from Alice Keeler, Google Drive Level Up Challenge, where she created an individualized, badge-awarding professional development tool using Google Sheets. I thought this was fantastic, though, I had one hesitation; I thought the concept of typing an ‘X’ to receive a badge while promoting trust and self-regulation, was not allowing for accountability and proof of completion [if for nothing else a means to see what people have completed, I love getting inspired by creativity].

I think back to my days as a Boy Scout youth; when I earned a merit badge, it was after completing certain requirements for a counselor to check. As I grew older & became a merit badge counselor, I had to keep track & mark off the completion of each requirement prior to issuing their “blue card” (a progress report for a merit badge). Today’s digital badges, though, should have requisites but not as evaluative as were those from my Scouting days.

So my question was, how do I build in a method of receiving your badge when you submit an example? The answer came from the question… the word submit. I designed a Google Form to submit a link to an example of the requirements for the badge. The Form can only be submitted if a validated link is entered.

Then an add-on is triggered in the Responses Sheet which sends out a confirmation email with a ‘code’ to enter into your “Awarding Badges Sheet“. If the correct code is entered for the correct badge, it will automatically appear. As Bruce Wayne once said in Batman Begins,

Image Attributed to http://www.comicbookmovie.com/comics/editorialwhat-is-the-future-for-some-of-our-favorite-characters-a107051

“it’s all a bit technical, but the important thing is…” behind the scenes (with many hidden sheets) it works pretty seamlessly.

Screenshot of the Sheet

For this to be a success, all badges must be in place prior to anyone ‘Making their own copy’ of this Sheet. There is a hidden Sheet with a set of directions, kinda explaining the process.

Let me know what you think, drop me a comment. I’d love to connect.

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