QR Codes pt. 2

Now the much awaited follow-up to QR Codes pt. 1… I wanted to expanded on the usage of QR Codes in my school. I partnered up with our Librarian who travels between two buildings. At Erdenheim, third graders come to her for library special. She selected one class to create book promos for some of the more popular books in the K-1 library. I contacted my counterpart, another tech coach and the two of us, when the class was finished reading, drafting, and writing their promo; recorded each student. Each student was pictured with the book they chose. The picture and sound recording were combined in Movie Maker and then uploaded to a private YouTube page. The embed codes were collected and placed on an individual page on the Librarian’s wiki. QR Codes were generated from the URL’s of those pages and each code was taped to the book. I had one of the library computers hooked up with head phones and a webcam. Adobe Air was downloaded to the computer as well as QReader. Now the webcam would act like a scanner. ***The idea, a student could pick up a book, take it over, and have it scanned, then listen to the promo from a third grader on whether they should select that book or not.*** The third graders did better than I could have expected, and they really enjoyed the project, many wanted to do a second and third book. My next step is to create a movie that explains QR Codes in a way that K-1 students can understand and then demonstrate how they can scan the code to watch the clip.

Here is an example of one Book Review

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