Catching Up on Past Friday Apps

I’ve been a little lax in my posting. Here are two Free Friday Apps that I missed posting on the blog.

Friday, December 5th
Last year, I shared with my teachers a Free Friday Apps, Math Duel($2.99), an app that allowed two players to go head-to-head in a tiered competition based on ability. Now they have released Geography Duel($2.99). The app was released free when it first appeared to drum up attention.

This app allows an individual or pair on one iPad to review states, capitals, or countries. From within settings you can change the way your map looks (Google Earth view, political map, colored areas, or a 2-tone effect).

Friday, December 12th
In the past I have shared two great (at the time) apps: ChatterPix Kids and YAKiT Kids. Both had you take a picture of anything, draw on a mouth, and have 30 seconds of record time. Today, I have discovered an even better app for digitizing talking photos, iFunFace.

iFunFace will turn any photo into a talking bobblehead. I haven’t found a time limit for recording! The app allows you to have more than one talking head in the picture. You can also add accessories or change the style of your voice. In the end go ahead and save to the camera roll.

Here is an example of an actual bobblehead becoming a digital bobblehead:

There is no end to how students could create with this app. Math- multiple step problems: line up a set of objects, each object tells a step in the process. Language Arts- retell a story: take a picture of the cover of their book, have the main character retell the story. Science- solids vs. liquids: have two states of matter side by side debating which is better (“I don’t need to take the shape of a container” “Well I can’t be snapped in two”) Social Studies- learn about the community: get a photo of someone from the community (i.e. police, firefighter, etc.) describe their role. Learn about a musical instrument, describe an art project, do a pitch for a new book…

The app does offer some in-app upgrades which you can dismiss and has an ad bar across the top. Now go create your own, I know your students will get a kick out of it!

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