Teacher + Integration Specialist + ThingLink = Awesome Project

I work with some of the best educators ever! I especially love collaborating with a third grade teacher who likes to find new ways of integrating technology into her students’ learning. Last year, we had a project where the students picked a subject and presented what they learned, using ThingLink. It was a very simple, straight-forward assignment which required a link, video, image(s), and text.

This year we expanded the concept. The goal now is to have accountability! The students are being held accountable on the audience learning about their topic. There are six requirements, text, image, video, audio, web link, and a Google Form. A section of their rubric, assessing the interactive poster, focuses on audience success. They will have to determine equivalent fractions, based on the number of correct responses, to determine whether they are a(n) ‘Newbie’, ‘Apprentice’, ‘Designer’ or ‘Expert’. Bringing in more math, they will also create graphs for their results showing how their audience answered the questions. I can’t wait to learn from the students on a variety of topics including: gymnastics, dogs, the water cycle, snakes, etc.

Here is my example (w/ Planning Packet & Rubric) on Polar Bears:

***Update*** here is the channel of students’ ThingLinks on Expert Topics

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