Being Inspired

– Backstory –

I recently read a post by Erin Flanagan where she offered a variety of strategies on how to utilize your iPad images.  I was inspired to beg, borrow, steal, tweak, etc.  After reaching out on Twitter and asking if I could tweak her ideas; I looked at the previous way I showed teachers how to create their own lock screens.  They share iPads often so identifying iPads was very important.  My suggestions to them included displaying your Name as well as an identifier for the iPad, either a number or even the image itself could make that iPad unique compared to the other three in the room.

Old Lock Screen

Old Lock Screen

– Design –

Now after seeing Erin’s example, I added the inclusion of rules for using the iPad & (in my opinion the coolest aspect from Erin) acknowledging or agreeing with the swipe of your finger; I tweaked a lock screen image to below.  Many of the elementary teachers use ‘I will’ statements as a means for stating rules in their classrooms; I made sure to incorporate that strategy.  I thought it would be cool if your fingerprint was “scanned” and your swipe is your consent, kind of like a signature.

My iPad's Lockscreen

My iPad’s Lockscreen

– How to –

I had to play around a couple of times till I had the sizing just right.  Here is a link to a Google Slide with the image.  The share settings are can view but you could contact me and I will share a copy of it with you so you could edit the name, rules, etc.  Just make sure afterwards to ‘Download as’ a (.png) or (.jpg) file, then upload it anyway you like to your iPad.  Once on the iPad you can go into settings and set the image as your lock screen.

What does your lock screen look like?

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