EdCamp Philly 2015 or ‘How I Met Some of the Greatest Twitter Educators in Person, Finally!

Photo May 16, 8 15 18 AMThis past weekend was the 6th annual EdCamp Philly!  I attended, making this my fifth in Philadelphia.  I had a blast!  I was able to meet, in person, some educators who I follow and/or follow me on Twitter.  Quick shout-out (the 1st of many) to Pamela Craig who reminded me just why I am a connected educator when she came over to introduce herself and tell me how she loves to see what I do with technology integration.


Session Board


My first session, titled Stop Motion Animation/Claymation Projects using LEGO Movie Maker for iPad was lead by Kristine Scharaldi.  It was a great session which was hands-on.  We were able to utilize either locker racks or book stands to keep the iPad propped up.  The app is quite simple but has a powerful tool in the ‘onion layer’ which allows you to see a transparent image.  This image assists you in tracking changes when creating your series of shots.  Here is my example video using a couple LEGO pieces.

The second session I went to was lead by my colleague Stacey Lindes. With her were A.J. Bianco and Christopher Nesi presenting The Power of Podcasts.  They started out discussing why you should listen to podcasts.  Then named podcasts which they enjoy for personal and professional growth. Finally Chris ended with talking about how he produces the House of Edtech podcast.

My final session was about Green Screening with Janice Conger and Sheila Fredericks. Again this was a hands-on session where we had fun photographing.  I have experience with Green Screen by Do Ink, here’s what I took (the last photo I had to do a little editing to add the edcamp flag).


3 Green Screened photos


A few final shout-outs; two of my former SDST colleagues whom I saw at edcamp Erinn Durham and Joyce Valenza.  Lastly, ‘the Bearded Educator’ John Mason, can’t wait to hear your podcast when it starts and next conference I’ll need you to read my door prize ticket out loud so I can win!

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