SMART kapp: the board that ‘captures’ to an app

Imagine a dry erase board which synced to your phone, tablet, or laptop… That possibility is now a reality. This post is long over due, so I can’t say ‘introducing’ because it has already been introduced in the market, but here is SMART kapp.

I wrote a post last July about the Global SMART Exemplary Educators Summit, in that posting, I mentioned having to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Now that the device can be purchased, I can disclose (is that really a word?)! We had some developers show us a new product that they were pitching for the business world. After they showed it to a room of educators, I knew I had to have it. Myself and another educator, Rebecca Penina Simon, walked right up to the company VP and said in probably better language, “you’d be a fool not to offer this device in the education world.” Well he listened and he acted, sending each of us a SMART Kapp to utilize in education. You can read Rebecca’s post on the EDCompass Blog.

The setup of kapp is quite easy. Once the board was mounted and plugged into a power source, all you had to do was follow these simple instructions:

SMART kapp Instructions

I’ve been using the board in my department for team meeting/planning. We’ve planned district wide PD events by writing on the board and syncing to each of our devices. This has been helpful for days when a teammate is absent or if they have another commitment in the district. They were able to view the .pdf of the notes. Here’s an example of a recent planning session:

SMART Kapp notes synced to my iPhone

SMART kapp notes synced to my iPhone

I could see this tool being used in any of our GAFE classrooms.  Students could plan and collaborate together, then have the notes shared as a .pdf saved in their Google Drive. Small group or whole class; the ways to integrate it are endless.

How would you use a SMART kapp?

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