Another Star Wars Inspired Post

I recently read a post by Richard Wells (@EduWells) titled “14 Star Wars Posters for Educators” which combined two loves: Star Wars & LEGOs. He created scenes with minifigure (LEGO) Star Wars characters. The difference in mine, I had those LEGOs (I know, my name is Dan Gallagher and I am an adult LEGO builder, there I made the first steps…)

I am also theming my posters around various quotes from the recently released The Force Awakens, hope you enjoy!









Here’s your challenge for students, have them select a quote from a favorite movie of theirs, then design a ‘poster’ applying that quote to a topic/content area.  See how creative they can be!

If you accept this challenge. please share in the comments below. I would love to see examples of your or student work.

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