Who Owns the Learning by Alan November (a book club selection)

The teacher resource specialists for technology (which I’m a part of) were asked if we would like to participate in 2nd year teachers’ Book Clubs.  We all selected to be a part of Who Owns the Learning by Alan November.

I’m not a heavy reader, so I appreciated this choice which comes in at 89 pages. Secondly, I received a copy of the book for free from a Supervisor, so that was also nice. What was the icing to the cake? The message! Just as the title suggests, strategies are described which will increase the participation level of students, in other words, students become actively engaged with their instruction.

Just as I did in a previous post, I wanted to create a representation of what I took away from the book. This time, I utilized a different tool, Tackk, to display my reflections:


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