Teachers Use This: My Interview

During a Twitter chat, Jonathon Davis asked:

The blog (‘Teachers Use This‘) is based on another blog (‘The Set Up‘) where educators describe the equipment they use in teaching. He took me up on my interest and sent me the following five interview questions.  

  1. What hardware are you using?
  2. And what software?
  3. How has your workflow and your teaching changed from when you first started?
  4. What would your dream set up be?
  5. (listed last, but the first question asked)Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Dan Gallagher and I have a mouthful of a title.  I’m a Teacher Resource Specialist for Technology (TRS4T), that’s usually followed with some head scratches and follow-up responses like, “So you teach computers?” My role in the…


If you would like to continue reading more head over to: Interview 4

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