One of my goals this year is to get into sketchnoting. This is the concept of recording notes in a visual way to make them engaging as well as connecting key concepts with easy to understand images. I consider myself a visual learner. When I plan out tech tool smashes, like this past post, I like to map it out. Also, I have a hobby, I carve. Wood, soap, heck even golf balls. When I start a new project, I draw it out first. So I believe images are a great way to express, record, retain, etc. information.

The biggest reason I want to focus on this is because my wife gave me a Boogie Board Sync. It is a nice tool which allows me to digitalize notes which sync to my devices for easy saving in Drive.

Christmas present from my wife. Image retrieved –

Also, a colleague of mine, Stacey Lindes, recommended I should read the Sketchnote Handbook: The Illustrated Guide to Visual Notetaking by Mike Rohde. It was a quick read with great examples and suggestions for getting started. The biggest take away: just start and keep at it, you will discover your own style.


My copy of the book all ‘flagged’

So, I thought about what to do to start. TED Talks, wait till the next conference session I attend, or how about a podcast? The ThingLink below has images of my sketchnoting journey. At the time of publishing, there were only two, I hope to continue to add more to this image as I continue to pursue this goal.

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