Continuing to Build Your ThingLink VR/360° BreakoutEDU

Here is the next phase to March’s ThingLink VR/360° BreakoutEDU Challenge which I am facilitating. I started the challenge by kicking off this idea at a Webinar on the last evening of February; check out this post to read about the kickoff. During the month of March, participants are joining my ThingLink Group (once they filled out this Form) and creating their own digital BreakoutEDU activity using the VR/360° editor in ThingLink. To find out what kind of tutorial/help participants were looking for next, I posted a Twitter poll (embedded below).

Here is the video tutorial showing how I create a Google Form, using a multiple choice question set to ‘Go to section’ so a Breakout participant can select which lock they are struggling with and receive a hint. Enjoy!

Do you have any questions or need any assistance with creating your own? I would love to help out through the comments below.

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