Next Step in my Scripting Journey…

Back in November, I wrote a post on dabbling with Google Apps Script to create an Unconference Board with specifically formatted session Google Docs.

Well fast forward about half a school year and another event came up that needed a conference board created and session docs attached. One of the draw backs to my previous process was all the session docs were created in My Drive. I then needed to go and select all the files and put them into a folder for the event. I know, you’re probably thinking, ‘that won’t take that long‘ but I feel it should be automated.

Well after some digging and many, many failed attempts (let me just tangent here about failed attempts for a second, Google Apps Script alerts you to issues with a small red text box that tells you what line of the script is at issue but very vague as to what is the issue) I was able to get a script written/modified which will search My Drive for files containing a word or phrase in the file name, then move them to a particular folder while also removing them from My Drive. Take a look at the embedded ThingLink of the script below (I chose ThingLink so I could tag all of the different sources I used to compile my script).

What have you scripted lately? I would love to read about it in the comments below.

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