Sharing Inspiration…

In a previous district, when my responsibility was to assist teachers with integrating iPads, I would share out a “Free Friday ‘App’etizer”, or in other words, an app of the week with the why/how it could be used in the classroom. In my current district, I send out Friday Inspirations; a weekly email with some sort of technology tool, tip, trick, etc. which teachers may find useful. I share them via Google Slides and have added them to a Wakelet collection which I’ll embedded below from the past three years. I make sure to include this phrasing at the end of my email:

Remember, we can always meet (one-on-one or as a small group/grade level) to discuss this or any way technology can be integrated with your instruction. Just let me know how I can help.

These Friday emails have garnered some compliments & appreciation for the share, opportunities to plan/train, and even times where I was asked to co-teach/model the technology in classes.


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