Follow-up to Nearpod Oct. Post

I’ve recently started to expand my lesson integrations when using Nearpod to include other apps. My first grade teachers, that I’ve been working with, have been using Nearpod as another assessment piece at the end of their Math units. The last two in particular have been great topics to pull in other apps: Graphing and Geometry. In the graphing unit, I kicked off the lesson by taking a poll of the class on favorite pets. The students used that data to create a bar graph using the app Easy Chart. Another lesson on Geometry has the students using an app called Geoboard where they were told to ‘create a five sided shape’. The students took a screen shot of their iPad and saved it to the camera roll to be accessed later in Nearpod. Now the teacher has these images in their class assessment report to view later. Paperless classwork in action!
Easy Chart


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