App Review: Truss Me!

Physics Teachers and Students need to Truss Me!

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Truss Me! is an iOS app which is taking the educational market by storm. It fits into the ideology of Gamification; using an engaging method to solve problems.

This app offers two modes to users: freestyle & challenges. In freestyle mode, you can build structures to support weights while in challenge mode you try to earn nuts (get it, like nuts and bolts). The higher the score the more nuts you earn (0-3). Your score is determined by two factors: the weight of your structure and the amount of movement the object makes when released.

Starting Assembly

When you first open the app to the main screen you have three options before you: Freestyle, Challenges, and Help. I would recommend going through the help tutorial. It will introduce you to the various aspects of the app; joints, pins, bars, and weights…


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