10 Weeks of Professional Development you can ‘touch’

This summer I had the opportunity to take part in a PD Teacher Challenge. Each week, for ten weeks, a new task was proposed using ThingLink as our medium. Sometimes it was to learn how to incorporate various media types into an interactive image other challenges stretched our thinking of how to use ThingLink with curriculum. Here is a collection of my challenges:

Before starting this challenge, I liked ThingLink. It was an easy to operate tool for students to showcase what they have learned. But now after completing the challenge, I think ThingLink is much more powerful than just a means of showing what you know. It can be used to challenge students’ thinking, for instance as one challenge focused on engaging students in informed decision making (week 8). It can be used to introduce topics, for instance with an interactive map (week 4). ThingLink is a powerful tool that integrates nicely with any curriculum!

Find out more about the 2014 ThingLink Teacher Challenge here: http://thinglinkblog.com/

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