Third Grade Logo Project

Today I am starting a project with a couple of 3rd grade classes. Their task is to create a logo which represents themselves. I’ll be introducing this project with this Google presentation:

We will be using a variety of apps to accomplish this project here are just a few:

Background Eraser Pro

Logo Maker and Graphics



QR Code Maker

The classroom teachers and I are breaking up this project over a couple of days. First introducing and giving some background knowledge on some logos they may already be familiar with; as well as finding a background image to use. The next day, finding one or two more images to use in the logo; as well as how to remove any background on those pictures. Finally, we will be focusing on how to put the whole logo together and publishing it to a class dropbox account. If there is time remaining, we would like to have the students create a screencast of their logo describing how it represents them. This video would be turned into a QR Code for their parents to view at Back2School night.

Here is my example logo video:
Mr. G’s Logo
I hope to add some student examples once they are completed.

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