Remember Webquests? I do!

Webquests were internet adventures for students which consisted of having a webpage set up for students with resources needed to complete an activity. I have a grad course I’m teaching currently online where we explore creating a webquest using one of two web tools: Symbaloo or ThingLink. Here are two examples I have created with a brief description below.

ThingLink Webquest Description: This webquest focused on a study of presidents. There are four selected, but a student may choose another president. The task is to determine which president would be declared by a magazine ‘The Greatest President of All Time’. Resources are provided for research to back their assertion. First they fill out a Google Form for the teacher, so they know who they have selected. Then they will use BigHugeLabs to create the magazine cover. Finally they will use Google Docs to write up the article awarding this title to a president.

Symbaloo Webquest Description: This webquest focused on a study of fables. There are resources to read/listen to fables. A short screencast on what is a fable. There is a rubric provided in the form of a Google Sheet so the students can see what is going to be expected in their final part, the creation of their own fable.

Both of these examples are not perfect. Precisely they were designed with flaws, or rather areas which could be improved. I wanted my grad students to reflect on how each could be improved so they may take those thoughts into consideration when designing their own webquest. I’m looking forward to what they design.

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