The Hidden Truth of the Unconference

Over the last few months, the members in my department and I have been discussing professional development. One key phrase has been, “People don’t know what they don’t know.” We have offered a couple of unconference-styled professional development days. Teachers had the ability to choose from offerings and that is where I have discovered the hidden truth of the unconference…

Now, no disrespect to Meryl Streep’s character, but I don’t think that statement is completely true. See I believe that people need to be ‘Self-honest’. As long as they truly assess their abilities, acknowledge where they need to improve, and select sessions which will enhance their content knowledge, pedagogical methods, or technology skills; then growth from the unconference-style PD can occur. Otherwise, they are attending sessions because thats where their colleagues are headed, it sounds fun, or any other rationale that isn’t their instructional development.

How can we help educators become ‘self-honest’? What are your thoughts?

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