Apps, Extensions, Add-ons… My Head is Spinning!

Going Google brings a whole set of new terminology to try and explain. So here is my attempt at making sense of this from what I heard in a session by Mike Marotta.

Apps – quickly launch to a web tool/site. Think of your computer’s program icons for Chrome, iTunes, Word, etc.

Extensions – tools for your Chrome browser which can enhance a website you are on. Think of it as modifying settings on your computer to display a different font.

Add-ons – extra functions for a specific Google Tool like Docs, Sheets, Forms, etc. Think of it as setting a pop-up alert when you receive an email.

Make sense? I hope! I’ve embedded a Google Doc below of various Apps, Extensions, & Add-ons which I have learned about recently, possibly even tried. I’ll be adding to it as I discover more.

What would you add to this list? Have you discovered any apps, extensions, or add-ons recently?


*Update: I recently presented on this topic, below is the linked up Google Slides of the list above.

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