How to Deal with Mobile Application Spamming

Spam is like those guests or neighbors you secretly hate and wish they never ring your door bell, but they still find excuses to appear in front of your lawn every other day. In short, they are the annoying little things that can turn your good mood into bat-s–t angry! These spam or ads were first limited to our computer desks only, but unfortunately they have managed to make their way into our mobile phones as well.
There is hardly a person who ended up, in the Google Play or Apple Stores, when they didn’t want to download a certain app. Even if you blame your thumb for mistakenly clicking on an unwanted link for a moment, you would still be surprised to see how “evilly” spam can invade your phone without you knowing about it. And the blame doesn’t always go to the app you were using when the spam appeared – no, because some of the apps and application development companies like AirG, are also working hard to figure out how to get out of the evil clutches of these unwanted spammers.
And the spamming doesn’t end just there – emails, snail mails, unwanted text messages and even phone calls from god-knows-which-brand keep attacking your phone. But fortunately, thanks to today’s technology and some amazingly wicked tech savvy minds, we can now fight back with the spam (yes, throwing your phone away and smashing it into bits isn’t the only option that you have now) by a number of surprisingly easy ways.

Following is the guideline that can be of great help.
• Block Nuisance Callers

So, you are in the middle of your very important business meeting and this stupid brand, promoting company is calling you at least 10 times a day. What should you do? What you must! If you are an iPhone user, your life can be saved by simply blocking the number. Go to your recent caller list, find the number, push the button “i”, and press “Block this caller”.
If you are an android user, luckily, there are tons of amazing apps available in the Play Store that not only can they just block the calls, but also the messages from the same person. So, even if you don’t have call-blocking settings in your phone, you can still block numbers via free apps from the Play Store.

• Annoying Ads On Mobile

The spamming isn’t limited to calls, emails or text messages only. Like we aforementioned, ads can come popping up on your mobile screen even when you aren’t visiting an app. Tons of game ads are annoying the crap out of people’s lives and it’s no joke. Unfortunately, we cannot get away from these monsters easily. But there are apps available at the app stores through which we can block them. Adblock Plus for Android blocks ads on the mobile just like they do on the web. For Apple users, Adblock and WebLock are the best ad blocking apps.

• Get Rid of Spam Emails

The most spamming that we see is in our email inbox. You get ads and proposals from companies and websites that you haven’t even heard about – which leave you wondering when exactly did you subscribe for any of this? But you are not alone, and it isn’t your fault. And no, you didn’t accidentally sign up for some irritating newsletter.
Even if you did sign up for some website, unsubscribe and avoid receiving emails from them. Or get services like, which allows users to stay safe from any newsletter by unsubscribing automatically from unwanted emails.

Our web world is still not free from spam, which is why this thing isn’t going away on our phones too. Once more users file complaints to the publishers, and only then, will they ask the ad networks to get a grip on these redirects; after they are under public pressure.


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