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Sometimes it is interesting how various items converge around the same time. This week’s topic, a blog post from Richard Byrne called ‘Why We Feel Attached to Our Stuff‘, and news on my current space at work have all converged this week to make for a timely post.

I don’t normally veer off from talking about technology integration, but this is one topic which I felt warranted the diversion. Let’s take a little detour and get caught up on some backstory. At the beginning of the school year, I approached my building’s principal with an idea. Let’s take one of the abandoned computer labs (all students in the building now have Chromebooks) and let’s convert it to a training center for teachers. She was on board and the start of room 619 becoming a space for teachers to learn happened. Now fast forward to just coming back from winter break. Due to some circumstances beyond my control, I was informed that the space would need to be shared with our PRISM (gifted) program. So this week started construction on the space. All of the custom tables (from when this was a computer lab) were removed, painting began, and the equipment from their previous space started transporting to this space.


How the room looked on Tuesday

As teachers have walked by, many have stopped in to see the transformation take place. Several have asked the same question, “Are you upset about this?” My response has surprised many and I think I can attribute it to reading the post and watching the video (embedded below)

I recognize the room is not “mine“, even if I wanted it to be, it couldn’t.

Have you ever had a change to your space that you had no control over? I would love to read about how you handle/dealt with the change in the comments below.

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