NüYü “Panther Pause” Challenge

In my school, we have a program, Performance Reveals Individual Student Magic (P.R.I.S.M.) which is our gifted and talented program. A group of students within the program identified an area affecting students across the country and determined a solution. The problem… stress. The solution… mindfulness. As a means to implement change, they created an in-person as well as a virtual challenge to guide individuals through steps to become more mindful. As stated on their site:

The Panther “Pause” Challenge is a new program we have come up with to teach people of all ages about mindfulness. We’ll be offering things such as resources (books, articles, videos, worksheets, etc.) to teach people about mindfulness, people like you! You can take a free mindfulness course right here, at home.

This course can also be used by teachers to teach students mindfulness strategies in the classroom. Some group activities are prefect for students to try out, and the handouts can be printed out and distributed to students.

Alright, a little orientation. How this works will be as follows: We’ll be providing resources (perhaps in the form of a pdf, slideshow, video, or google form), and then offer a google form, “test” afterwards to make sure you got everything you needed to know from those lessons. We’ll have two tests per week, and each week has two lessons, so the test will be on one lesson. After each test, you will get a digital badge that will be sent to you via email, and once you complete all the tests, you will have received eight badges – two for each week. There are also going to be extra tests about other things, like extra credit!

They reached out to me for the underlined part above. Utilizing the same format as I previously posted about (here & here), we have Google Forms collecting information, sending the information to Google Sheets w/ the FormMule add-on sending out the email templates.




Have students reached out to you for assistance with a technology task? I would love to read about it in the comments below.

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