12 Podcasts to Check Out (The Listicle)… #EdublogsClub

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Prompt: Write a listicle.
Some helpful notes:

  • Write about any topic at all that interests you
  • A list can be as short as 3 entries
  • Be helpful, make the list a resource your readers may want to bookmark and come back to
  • If you aren’t up for a list, write about lists, list keeping tools, or tools to embed lists
  • Marketing tests prove that putting a number in your title will often increase shares and clicks

Another timely prompt. I have a ThingLink which I use to share out the podcasts I listen to, as a recommendation tool. Well it was overdue for a much needed update, so here is my list of podcasts I currently listen to with a ThingLink embedded below so you can get the links to each one.

Note: the numbers are not indicating any kind of ranking
  1. The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe
  2. House of #Edtech – Chris Nesi
  3. The EdTechTV Podcast with Brent Warner
  4. The Wired Educator Podcast – Kelly Croy
  5. Always A Lesson – Gretchen (Schultek) Bridgers
  6. Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers
  7. The Cult of Pedagogy – Jennifer Gonzalez
  8. Check This Out with Ryan and Brian
  9. Teachonomy Talks – Chuck Poole
  10. My BAD – Jon Harper
  11. Google Teacher Tribe Podcast – Kasey Bell & Matt Miller
  12. The EdTech Take Out – Jonathon Wylie & Mindy Cairney

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