Digital Breakout Created Utilizing ThingLink’s New App… Teleport 360 Editor

I have been facilitating a Teacher Challenge during the month of March where educators were able to sign up to receive the features of a Premium ThingLink account so they have access to the VR/360° image editor. They could then design a digital Breakout EDU activity. Below is the one I created called: PD Day Breakout. Have fun & good luck!

Teleport 360 Editor (iOS or Android)

20170330-183332.jpgI beta tested the app which released today! It provides users, who sign in with their premium account two options: create your VR/360° ThingLink by uploading your own image to the app or select an image from their gallery of high quality, 360° images (check out the sampling of screenshots I took in the Gallery below). The tagging process mimics the web browser version for desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, etc and was very easy to navigate. Add images, videos, audio, embed anything with an embed code or create transitions (links to other VR/360° ThingLinks). This app will now allow teachers and students to become creators of immersive, interactive content. Check out their press release or find out more on the ThingLink Support page.

  • Washington D.C., USA

  • Sydney, Australia

  • Dublin, Ireland

I would love any feedback on the above ThingLink VR/360° Breakout, were you stuck anywhere? Have you downloaded and tried the app? I would love to read about your experiences with it in the comments below.

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