Why I Love My Job…

I love when my inbox ‘dings’ with an email asking for collaboration! This is what I received when one of my Science Teachers, Rebecca, shared her Google Forms Quiz with me as a collaborator…

“Dan, I was wondering if you had an option for the very last questions with the skeletal diagram? The students only need to pick any 8 bones to label…not sure how to set that up…”

The Task

First of all, I was so excited to see an assessment offering students choice in answering a question(s). Rebecca had a diagram of a skeleton with 22 particular bones identified with a letter. The students only needed to label eight of them. I wanted to come up with a way that the question(s) could be auto-marked (notice how I didn’t say graded, that’s key). If we set up the question(s), regardless of what type of question, with point values, then any unanswered question(s) would count against their score. We also couldn’t make that particular question(s) required because that would force a response for every question and eliminate choice.

Embedded below is what we came up with, there are four sections to this quiz, check it out and don’t worry about your score 😉


Now earlier I mentioned that it was key for the question(s) to be ungraded; here is a short screencast of how I recommended to grade the question:

My Happy Ending

Rebecca was thrilled with what we came up with in the end. She even stated at our last meeting (and I am not quoting word for word, it went something to the effect of…), “this was a great experience, I came to you with an idea, we worked together testing it out, and I have a process which works for me.”

What are your thoughts? I would love to read your ideas/suggestions in the comments below. OR Have you had a Google Forms Quiz that needed to be modified for a particular reason, share that in the comments below.

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