Building Relationships and Having Conversations…

When coaches catch-up…

One of my former math teachers, Linda, is now a math coach for our middle schools. Her time is split between my building and our other middle school. I like to check in with her for three reasons:

  • Continue the relationship I built with her when she was one of my teachers
  • Keep myself apprised of what is happening with the sixth grade math teachers
  • For what is about to be described below… collaborative moments

My most recent check-in provided an opportunity to develop an “Appsmashed” activity.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term “Appsmash“, I define it as utilizing multiple digital tools to create a product that wouldn’t be possible with just one digital tool.

Linda was showing me a math theorem, ‘Fold & Cut Theorem’, which she recently discovered (thank you Dr. Katie Steckles) and wanted to provide an interesting activity for her sixth grade math teachers to try with their students. She found an activity worksheet and several videos but wanted to structure the activity so the students would see certain portions of the videos at particular points in the activity. That’s when I came up with the idea of utilizing three different tools!

  1. Google Docs (utilizing the ‘Publish to the Web’ feature)
  2. Edpuzzle (utilizing the ability to trim videos)
  3. InsertLearning (utilizing the ability to insert questions & embedded videos)

The image below is a screenshot of what the activity would look like for students:

Want to experience this activity as a student?

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I want to utilize Google Classroom on this blog more as a means for other educators to see real examples. This activity is linked to an “Assignment” in a Google Classroom I created for this blog (Code: mfq04n). If you try to sign up with your school account and get an error message, it is probably because your school’s domain is locked down and you can’t join outside of your domain. You may have to join with your personal Google account or create a free Google account. 

Want a copy of this activity to use for yourself?

This link will open a shared version, make sure to click the “copy” button at the top to add it to your InsertLearning account.

What kind of “appsmashed” activity have you created? I would love to read about it in the comments below.

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