Guest Speaker @ Constellations Summit (Summer PD)

After earning my Tynker Certified Educator levels 1 & 2 and then finalizing my Tynker Distinguished Educator status, I was asked to join Leandra McGriff, Tynker’s Educator Community Specialist, to co-present at a virtual conference. The session description:

Driving The Move to Text: Coding in Middle School Middle School is complicated. Teaching middle school students to code is no different. Students come to you in all different places, but you want to make sure they are comfortable with text-based languages by the time they move on to high school. Join us for a hands-on session to experience how Tynker’s scaffolded curriculum carefully progresses students from Tynker Blocks to text-based languages like Python and JavaScript. Presenters: Leandra McGriff, Daniel J. Gallagher (6-8, New & Experienced, Principals, Superintendents, State Officials, Counselors, Curriculum Coordinators, Instructional Coaches)

Here is our session recording (YouTube):

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