Spooktacular Free Friday ‘App’etizer

This week I come to you with an app, Comic Touch 2, by the makers of Comic Life. Comic Touch 2 can be used to introduce a couple of topics. Two which this app screams to use are dialogue and onomatopoeia. Comics can be a great way to showcase to students how these literary devices appear as text, as in the example below.

This app could be used to make a cover for a writing piece or even just a cover for any project.

Hmmmm, I see a comic book cover for…

Math: ‘The Adventures of Super Triangle and the League of Tangrams’


Science: ‘The Exciting, Spectacular, Amazing Properties of Water’


Social Studies: ‘Around the Community in 30 Days’


Art: ‘Meet the Artist volume 7 issue 2’


The ideas are endless… or are they… To Be Continued…

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