Its taken me awhile to start listening to podcasts.  Mainly out of ignorance and using the excuse, lack of time.  But a colleague started to listen to them and recommended a couple to listen/subscribe to.

Podcasts are like a radio talk show; kind of like some NPR shows.  Podcasts center around a topic, are informative and can be humorous.  I’ve just started to subscribe to a few on my iPhone through the ‘Podcasts’ app.  What’s been helpful for me, my car has Ford’s ‘Sync’ System so I can stream content from my phone through the radio system.  On my drive into work, as I travel between buildings and going home; I have the ability to listen to some PD.  The ones that I enjoy, I subscribe to and have even left a positive review/rating in the iTunes store; that way their content remains searchable for others.  I have reached out through social media, to some of the various hosts, with feedback and most recently a few recordings of my own recommendations.  My first was released on Sunday on the “House of #EdTech” podcast episode 035; the recommendation was for ThingLink.  I have a few more which will be on future episodes.

Currently Subscribed

What podcasts do you subscribe to?

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