Taking it to a Whole New Level: Tweet from Class…


TwitShot, a third party web tool which I utilized to make this procedure outlined below work, did not renew their domain. Thus it does not work and I haven’t found another option which exists.

Just over a year ago, I posted about streamlining a way to have students post to Twitter via a teacher moderated account. Now this has been great for just text-based posts, but what about images?

Two different teachers reached out to the team (Teacher Resource Specialists for Technology) asking about how they could share images from students through social media. The first one was an art teacher who wanted to share images of student work. She wanted her students to take ownership of submitting the info for a tweet. The second teacher, HS English, wants to have students share book recommendations with the cover of the book.

After some modifications to the original Form, Sheet, & FormMule email template PLUS the switch from posting directly to Twitter, to now using a third party tool TwitShot, anyone can submit a tweet w/ link to an image. ***Must note: this hasn’t worked 100%, some links to images are not readable by TwitShot***

Embedded below are the Form, Sheet, screenshot of the email template through FormMule, an email, the data imported into TwitShot, and the tweet. Now, the teacher only has to read the email message and to approve, click the link in the email to Tweet it out.


Could this be useful for you? Reach out to me if you are interested.

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