Here’s an Equation: Nearpod + Verso = Engagement

Lately I’ve been working closely with some sixth-grade math teachers.  One upcoming lesson is on ‘Combining Like Terms’. After a previous lesson using Nearpod, one of the teachers wondered would it be possible to combine tools…

She loves how Nearpod allows each student to engage with the material and interact through open-ended responses, multiple choice questions, and draw-its. She wanted to also be able to pose a question and have the students engage in an anonymous dialogue, which Verso allows you to do. So we “smashed” the two tools together! Take a look at the embedded lesson below (one thing to keep in mind, this is set to ‘Homework’ mode which allows you to complete it self-paced; we would be delivering this lesson asynchronously as whole class instruction).

Have you ever smashed tools together for a complete learning experience? I would love to read about it in the comments below.

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