Taking Badging to a Whole New Level

Sometimes I really think my teammates say to themselves, “How can we really throw Dan a curve ball?”

That’s what I think was going through Kim and Jess‘s heads when they described an idea they had that needed a little help from me. I’ve written about badging ideas in the past (please check out my past posts if you haven’t read them before); because what I’m about to describe is so far above any of the past workflows. They are both positioned at the high schools and are prepping the 9th grade teachers for the 1:1 chromebook program. So as a kickoff to their training they wanted to see where the teachers were but also recognize what they know. So they created a Form to check their understanding in three different areas: Drive, Classroom, & Chrome. The Form uses Google’s Quiz feature to auto-grade and provide feedback based on their answers. There is also a task component built into each area which Kim and Jess have to grade by hand in the accompanying Google Sheet. If they get a perfect score in any or all of those areas they receive a badge recognizing their knowledge of the respected area(s). But that wasn’t the challenge!

They also want to give out leveled badges based on their overall score. But in addition to leveled badges, the Form is being used between two different schools, so their leveled badge will also be dependent on which school they are from. Wow! So utilizing add-ons for Sheets, copyDown and formMule, I helped them create a system for awarding badges to their teachers. I think my hardest aspect was figuring out using a formula like this: =IF(AND(X2>=1,X2<=6),1,0) which helps determine a level based on overall score falling between a 1-6. formMule is setup with four different templates; the first two are specific to go to Kim or Jess dependent upon which school the submitter selected in the Form, to notify them that someone submitted so they can go in and ‘grade’ the tasks. The second two templates are the emails which go out to the participants with their badges.

***Note: all items embedded are copies of the original so to not disrupt the functions of the  system described in this post***

Below are the Form, Sheet, and an example .pdf of what a potential email looks like.


Have you created any systems for your workflows which at first seemed daunting? I would love to read about it in the comments below.

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