Dabbling in a Little Scripting out of Necessity…

This past October was a PD day for my school district. Our afternoon sessions at the middle schools and high schools were designed around an unconference model. I was asked to create the digital board for the middle school and eventually asked to do the same for the high school. Now in a previous post, you may remember, I created an EdCamp session board for Garden State utilizing a script written by my supervisor, Allan Johnson.

This time around we wanted the session Docs to be formatted with some text already in place. Well time was short so we did what anyone would do, open each Doc and copy/paste the formatted text. After doing that for 48 Docs times 2 locations, I knew there had to be a better way.

So it was time to look back at the script which creates all the Docs for the session board…

Now I don’t know how to code or write scripts, but I did some digging around on Google’s Apps Script Reference Resources and after many, many, many (so many attempts that I think my Google Drive hates me for creating all those Docs) I was finally able to add to the original script to create pre-formatted Docs. Below are two embedded items. First, is a ThingLink tagged image of the portion of the script I wrote, tagged to the resources I discovered to create it. The second item is a created Doc (the link to the board has been disabled).

What have you learned/taught yourself lately? I would love to learn with you in the comments below.

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