Building Upon an Idea…

I recently read a blog post by Eric Curts at Control Alt Achieve about how to have mathematical notation in a Google Form. The resource he shared is a free web tool, Online LaTeX Equation Editor, which is similar to EquatIO. This tool provides several options for creating symbols or math notations as images that you can either download, get HTML coding or a URL address.

***UPDATE: About two weeks after publishing this post, EquatIO announced that they are making their full platform free for teachers. Find out more about it here.***

I started to think about how this would be a great example idea for my math department teachers. Below is an image of the Form (included on the Form is a file upload question which prevents the Form from being embedded, click on the image to see the Form). Underneath the Form, I have included a video which highlights all the components I setup for the Form:

  • response validation
  • reference image for a question
  • file upload question
  • quiz features
  • incorrect response feedback w/ link
Click on the image of the Form to view it.

Click on the image of the Form to view it.

Would love to know your thoughts; please leave me a comment below.

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