From PD Share to In Class Modeling… (part 2: InsertLearning)

Collaboration is fun x2!

Last week I wrote about my October professional development share on ‘Making Content Interactive’ (you can give it a read here). I then followed up the post with part 1: ActivePrompt.

Today I’m going to share how I collaborated with another science teacher, Anne Stein, utilizing a different item shared during the PD session, called InsertLearning (chrome extension link). InsertLearning (IL) gives a teacher the ability to enhance web articles or Google Docs (published to the web) with embedded videos, questions, discussions, highlights, etc. Here is our example (you can even try it out near the bottom of this post):

The students were to read through the article, answering each question along the way, but also utilize the highlighting tool (yellow post-it note at top of page). You have the ability to highlight with 3 different colors, which they used for:

  • Important Information
  • Questions You May Have
  • Future Experiment Ideas

Another feature of the highlighting tool is the ability to leave a comment with your highlights. This is where the students would make their notes for the yellow highlights, type out their questions for the blue highlights, and elaborate on their experiment ideas for the green highlights. Anne was quite happy that she was able to see all their responses on her IL Doc and could switch views, to each student, to see their annotations.

Want to try it out yourself?

As I mentioned in my last post, I want to utilize Google Classroom on this blog more as a means for other educators to see real examples. This activity is linked to an “Assignment” in a Google Classroom I created for this blog (Code: mfq04n). If you try to sign up with your school account and get an error message, it is probably because your school’s domain is locked down and you can’t join outside of your domain. You may have to join with your personal Google account or create a free Google account. 

Want a ‘teacher’ copy?

Here is the link to be able to make a copy of this activity to your ‘teacher’ InsertLearning account.

Have you used InsertLearning with your students? I would love to read about your experiences with it in the comments below.

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