Taking a ‘Pause’ from the Tech…

Friday I had the opportunity to bring one of my passions into the school community. My school has a wellness center, called the ‘Panther Pause’, which offers monthly themes, April’s theme is ‘Crafts’ so I volunteered to come in and share how soap carving can be therapeutic.

Many years ago, I wanted to do the same hobby my dad enjoys, woodcarving. He started me out with a bar of soap and a sharpened Popsicle stick. Once I learned the methods, the types of cuts to make, I could transfer those skills and “graduate” to sharp knives and wood.

I’ve said for years, carving has kept me off the therapist’s couch. So why not share these techniques with another potential generation of carvers? Below are photos taken during the event and embedded is a video I crafted to review what I showed. The video is accessible via QR Codes in the ‘Panther Pause’ for the duration of the month. Faces were blurred to protect the innocent


How have you shared your passions in school? I would love to read about it in the comments below.

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