ISTE 2019…

So back in December, I tweeted…

Now there are just a couple of hours remaining till the start of #ISTE19!

I thought I would share a little bit about my session and another which I am going to, recommending, suggesting, encouraging, you really should just go to it…

My session is titled: Breakout of a 360° Digital Environment With ThingLink

I selected a topic which I’m a little familiar with 😉  If you follow this blog then you would have seen posts on this topic before. The session will be on Monday, June 24th, in the Marriott in the Franklin 3-4 room(s). It is a BYODex which means two things, it will be hands-on and it requires pre-registration. I’m running it, probably, a little different than most other BYOD sessions. It is being facilitated with a HyperDoc using Google Slides. Each attendee will open a ‘template’ which they can make their own copy of the Slides to be able to “fill in” different aspects of the HyperDoc. It will guide them through their learning, engaging them with example ThingLink Breakouts which they can choose to complete. They will then be explaining a little bit about Breakouts either in a cartoon Google Drawing or tweeting to a hashtag or replying to Flipgrid. This will be followed by exploring collections of resources for various aspects of building a Breakout, i.e. 360° images, digital clues, and Google-y things. The largest chunk of the session will be focused on applying their new knowledge to designing & creating their own Breakout. Finally we wrap up our time with sharing/reflecting with each other through a Padlet wall. My hope is that attendees will have a plethora of resources, a couple of examples to refer to, and a new PLN to reach out to for support.

Tuesday you need to visit the EdTech Coaches Playground

The best colleagues anyone could ever wish to work with, Stacey Lindes, Kim Lowden, and Jessica Verrault, will be sharing at the EdTech Coaches Playground on the topic of HyperDoc Your Way to Teacher Driven PD from 10:45-11:45 at Playground C, street level, Broad Street Atrium.

Their description:

Reach educators with varying interests, goals, and skill levels in a self-paced environment by using HyperDocs to help facilitate teachers’ growth during participant-driven PD.

Their session resource: Google Site

Are you headed or wish you were headed to ISTE? What are you or would you like to learn? Who are you hoping to connect with? I would love to read about it in the comments below.


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