March “Tech”ness 2022!

March Madness Brackets are all the rage every spring, so much so, education has adapted & differentiated it for various means. Ever see a bracket for favorite children’s literature? How about educational technology? Maybe you’ve seen Kyle Niemis’s annual Ed-Tech Madness (2022 winner: Nearpod)

Well, I’ve conducted my own tournament in my school these past two years. Last year, my focus was on Web-based tools which teachers could use in their classrooms. We started with 24 and ended with Google Classroom being the favorite.

This year I wanted to bring Chrome Extensions into focus, possibly introducing new ones to teachers or re-familiarize oldies but goodies. I also revamped my bracket by including a website where they could become “informed” voters. I did this through a second page where each Extension had a description, links, and even a video of it “in action.” I started with 16 Chrome Extensions and ended with Print Friendly & PDF as the victor!

What Chrome Extensions would you have included in the bracket? I would love to read about them in the comments below.

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