Osmo + iPads = Hands-on Engagement

An Osmo from Tangible Play is an amazing educational tool used to enhance the interactivity of an iPad. It takes the power of the iPad’s camera and combines it with the interactivity of various manipulatives to create an engaging learning experience for students connected to various content areas, depending on the apps used. Here are just a few ways I’ve integrated them in the various grade levels with teachers:

In 3ʳᵈ & 4ᵗʰ Grade we have used the app Newton to demonstrate equal and opposite reactions.

In 1ˢᵗ Grade we have used the app Awbie to make the introduction of coding hands-on.


In Kindergarten we have used the app Tangram to reinforce color & shape recognition as well as spatial awareness.

Have you ever used Osmo before? I would love to read about it in the comments below.

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