Elementary Math & Science Day

One of the elementary (K-3) schools in my district has a Math & Science day coming up. This is a ‘community building’ day where guests are invited in to present lessons for the students showing how math and science are used in everyday life. For the first time I was asked if I would like to participate. I jumped at the opportunity and was asked to prepare a science related topic for first graders.

Well now, what to teach? I first thought about animals, kids love animals. Why not animal adaptations, like camouflage? I could see it now, using Nearpod, I could have images shared out as ‘Draw It’s. The students could try circling the animals in the picture. Sounds fun, but doesn’t really get them moving and I’m not too thrilled by the idea either since it doesn’t truly show how science is used in everyday life. So, plan b!

I must honestly admit, I planned incorrectly. I would call it “reverse-backwards design” where I started with the technology tool I wanted to showcase, then figured out the content from there. I was still psyched from the PD Day session I did on Green Screening & Stop Motion Animation. So I chose the Green Screen as the technology tool to engage the first graders. Now my content… Why not teach about the science behind Green Screening?

Below is the Nearpod lesson I will be doing with the first graders. While they are participating in this interactive lesson, they will also be pulled to the back of the room and getting their photo taken in front of a green screen. Keep an eye out for an item I’m really stoked about trying. Imagine this, a group of first graders, with iPads in hand, all of a sudden moving them around to view… wait for it… a 360° photo of a tv production studio with a green screen! It’s my first time including an element like this in a lesson.

Thank you goes out to Kevin Fenlon up at High Point Regional School District for snapping a shot of his school’s studio. He used the app, bubbli, a free app which takes 360° photos then gives you a link to share with others.

Take a look at my lesson:

Update: Math/Science Day was last week, the students had a blast! Heck, Stacey Lindes, Melissa Morris-Inoa, and I had a blast! Here are some of the photos captured:






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