FREE Learning Opportunity This Summer w/ Me

Over the last 3 years, I’ve been stationed in a middle school as their Teacher Resource Specialist for Technology (technology coach). One way I have offered learning opportunities is by creating ‘Assignments’ in our school’s Google Classroom. These activities are examples of how to incorporate technology in their instruction. I do this with the hope that a teacher may find inspiration for their subject’s content and design a learning activity for their students. I want to expand this to other teachers, because I find that as a teacher completes one and talks to me about it, we both learn together. So my hope is this summer I will post 2-3 ‘Assignments’ each week and we can learn together. If you are interested please join my Google Classroom by going to, click the “+” button in the top, right-hand corner, and enter code: cvbaw2y

***Update*** If you can’t join the Classroom on your District GSuite Account it is probably because there is a setting turned on which prevents “outside the domain” connecting of Classrooms. Your options are: ask your network administrator to change that setting or join with your personal Google Account.

My plan is to start posting ‘Assignments’ in this Classroom on June 15 & run it through August 15. Everything is optional & FREE. I hope you consider joining, even just to check it out.

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