Strategies for Organizing Chrome & Drive… PD

I’ve had a few teachers ask me questions lately on how to stay organized. I figured if a couple are asking, then there are probably more thinking about it. I recently facilitated a PD session in my building around the topic of organizing your Chrome Browser and Google Drive. I wanted to also showcase how instructional content could be packaged & delivered in a HyperDoc. I like to try to change-up the delivery of my PD’s so I can model how teaching could happen in the classroom. Instead of doing a session on using Nearpod, I delivered a session on ways to greenscreen through a Nearpod lesson (previous post).

So this time, I facilitated the topic through a HyperDoc. The linked image below will use a trick (also shared in the Extend section of the HyperDoc) where I can ‘force a copy with comments’ of my Doc. Enjoy!


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